Translation Agency – Sworn Translators

CBLingua is a Group of Sworn Translation Agencies with several years of professional experience. Our team is comprised of more than a hundred and fifty Sworn Translators and Interpreters who translate into more than twenty languages and guarantee quality in all their work.

We provide a Sworn Translation service to the whole of Spain and guarantee your translation within 24 hours. All our certified translations are legally binding, valid before authorities and public bodies. CBLingua has offices in Cadiz, Seville, MalagaMadrid and Barcelona, where we will assist you personally. We offer an urgent Sworn Translation service for short or basic documents.

Thanks to the efficiency and personalised nature of our Sworn Translation and Technical Translation services, we have become one of the leading Sworn Translation companies in Spain and in the sector.

Why us?

  • Professionalism

The professionalism that characterises our team of Sworn Translators is our brand identity, which makes us a leading translation company in the sector. We have the best professional translators in the sector!

  • Prices

Without a doubt, our prices are the most competitive on the market. We invite you to compare with any other Translation Company.

  • Speed

We pride ourselves on our speed and dynamism in every one of our translation projects. We will never agree upon a date with you and then fail to meet it.

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