Translation Agency

A Translation Agency like CBLingua represents much more than the translation of a document. We understand the importance and impact our translations that we deal with every day may have. Therefore we would like to illustrate for our clients, with a short overview of our translation team, just what makes up CBLingua and thus get to know a day-to-day experience at CBLingua.

agencia de traduccion

Firstly, the translation team is responsible for ensuring the quality of our projects, and the management team is responsible for effective performance.

CBLingua is made up of five Translation Agencies located throughout Spain, namely in Cadiz, SevilleMalaga, Madrid and Barcelona. As well as offering an on-site service, we get our translations to all corners of the country. In addition, at CBLingua we have a strong team of Interpreters specialising in simultaneous, consecutive and conference interpreting.

All of this allows us to guarantee the delivery of projects within the desired time frame and the excellent quality of our work. We also offer an urgent translation service for short documents in English and French.

The fact that we have such an extensive list of clients is no coincidence. To talk about CBLingua is to talk about experience and professionalism. Our agencies receive a multitude of daily assignments and projects with different language combinations and from varied fields. At CBLingua we are used to working with any type of specialised documentation and we have the adequate staff to tackle different translation projects, ensuring optimum quality.

All of this constitutes a seal of approval when the time comes to choose a provider that will take your translations on. If you would like to know a little more about us, click here to see what our clients say about us.