Consecutive Interpreting Service

A Consecutive Interpreting Service consists of interpreting a speech into other languages.

This requires the interpreter to listen to the speaker and make use of note-taking strategies for support. Once the presenter has finished speaking, the interpreter reproduces the message in a different language with the highest accuracy possible. To this end, this type of interpreting requires a tremendous capacity for memory, attention, retention, inference of the ideas of the speech and public speaking.

What is the difference between Consecutive Interpreting and Simultaneous Interpreting?

Consecutive Interpreting does not produce a speech alongside and at the same time as the original, rather the interpreter has a certain amount of time to prepare their speech before making it. The speaker will usually pause every minute or five minutes to allow the interpreter to effectively communicate what they just said.

In Simultaneous Interpreting, the interpreter is located in a soundproof cabin and has access to a variety of technical equipment.

In Consecutive Interpreting the interpreter is seated next to the speaker, and they themselves reproduce the message for the audience.

A Simultaneous Interpreter stays out of the limelight and goes totally unnoticed, since they sit in a cabin.

A Consecutive Interpreter must take care of their appearance, choose the appropriate attire and try to remain in the background, having to always pass the focus to the central figure of the speaker.

When is this service used?

This technique is used in opening and closing of official events.

Consecutive Interpreting has been mostly replaced by Simultaneous Interpreting, as the latter is much faster.

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