Simultaneous Interpreting Service

Simultaneous interpreting is done in real time. The interpreter passes on the same message of the person who is making the speech, in another language. The interpretation is almost parallel. The interpreter must talk over the speaker with a delay so as not to omit important information, or lose the primary focus of the speech.

When is a Simultaneous Interpreting service usually carried out?

This type of service is generally required in any formal occasion. Big conferences or meetings, multilingual events, or any occasion that brings together a group of people from various countries.

Characteristics of Simultaneous Interpreting

Some of the most relevant characteristics of Simultaneous Interpreting are its speed and the use of technical equipment. To be able to carry out this type of translation, the necessary equipment is fundamental, such as soundproof cabins big enough for two interpreters. (they take turns, so that each one does not work for more than thirty or forty minutes) microphones and headphones.

The interpreter focuses on the voice of the speaker more than they rely on memory, as it’s the only point of reference they have with which to work so that they can accurately replicate the idea they wish to convey to the audience.

The interpreter

Firstly, the interpreter must do some preparation work related to the topic of the event. The interpreter must know the theme of the conference. In addition, they must have a good knowledge of specific vocabulary of the event in case something unexpected comes up. Normally while working in pairs, one of the interpreters can help their colleague, making a note of names, streets, cities, or looking up a word or phrase they don’t know so the interpreter on duty can focus more on the main idea of the speech.

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