Translation of Web Pages

Web Page Translation Services are fundamental. In today’s business climate, it is essential that any company, independent professional or official body have their own website online and visible to the public so that they can promote themselves and keep their potential clients informed about their services and/or products.

A web page that is available in various languages is sure to obtain excellent results for a business. At a Translation Agency like CBLingua we have considerable experience in the Translation of Web Pages thanks to a large team of professional translators who are also native speakers, who guarantee the maximum quality in all our translations, and of layout editors who ensure that the translation complies with a comprehensive quality system. This will help to avoid putting your business in jeopardy with incorrect and poorly translated documents that could damage your company’s image. Find out why you should enlist the services of a professional for your company’s website: Professional Translators.

Design, Development and Translation of Web Pages and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) positioning.

At our Translation Agency we offer not only the Translation of your website but also its design and development, optimising the content and layout to achieve the optimal positioning with various search engines. This will increase the visibility of your website and thus ensure that it appears among the first results that come up on any given search engine. Our translators and designers work closely with each other on the design and the translation to ensure a quality end product.

Thanks to our IT team of web designers and developers and our community managers, our web development comes with a quality guarantee. For this we use WordPress as a design and structure template, the number one web manager recommended by Google and, therefore, the best choice to guarantee the success of your website and the best visibility.

“Google loves WordPress!” The words of Matt Cutts, Head of the Search Quality Group at Google.
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Translation Agency like CBLingua brings together all the necessary requirements for a comprehensive top quality service to our clients, thanks to a highly skilled team of specialised translators in all languages and a team of specialised interpreters in simultaneous, consecutive, conference and whispered interpreting.