Legal Translation

At CBLingua we have been working with Legal Translations for over ten years. Our training as Sworn Translators specialising in the legal framework enables and prepares us to tackle more than a hundred Legal Translations every day through our sworn translators. The majority of this work is focused in the field of Law, specifically in Commercial and Procedural Law.

What is a Legal Translation?

Legal Translation consists of all types of documents that contain legal content, in other words, documents that are not necessarily of official nature but involve specialist and technical terminology and wording in the various branches of Law. Among the examples of legal Translation the following common ones stand out:

– The translation of official journals of state bodies
– European Union regulations such as European Parliament Directives
– Legal translation of information for foreign nationals
– Translation of business documentation: macroeconomic reports, annual statements, audits…

Normally Legal Translation and Sworn translation go hand in hand, since a specialised translation in the legal framework requires that one of our Sworn Translators authorises it with a signature and the stamp of a Sworn Interpreter before the authorities.

The best solution for your legal translations is, therefore, to trust in professional Legal Translators that guarantee you a quality outcome. This way you avoid putting your business in jeopardy with poorly translated documents and damaging your image. Find out why you should enlist the services of a professional here.

Most common documents:

Who could be a Legal Translator?

There are different schools of thought. Some think that to be a good legal translator the most important thing is to undergo rigorous training in the field of translation and accompany it with legal knowledge. Others think that the most trained person for this type of translation is a lawyer with an adequate understanding of the target language. At CBLingua we think both. The ideal Legal Translator should be a lawyer and a translator at the same time.

Send us the documents that you need translating by one of our Legal Translators through our individual estimates here and in less than an hour you will receive our quote.